We work with a diverse range of clients - from competitive sportsmen and women, and senior clients requiring injury rehabilitation to bodybuilding enthusiasts and aspiring mums-to-be.  Here’s what they have to say about Hortons.

Case Study No. 1

Client Type: 35 year old female
Service Area: Post Natal Training

In their words:

“Mandana has been absolutely brilliant in helping with my workouts after my second baby. Her workouts are varied, and have helped with both my cardiovascular abilities and muscle tone. I leave the gym feeling truly invigorated. A workout with Mandana is fantastic, not just for the exercise; the massage afterwards is worth all the hard work!”

Rachna, TV Producer, 37, Hampstead

Case Study No. 2

Client Type: Senior female
Service Area: Injury Rehabilitation

In their words:

David is a caring, knowledgeable, and truthful trainer.  I had fractured the femur on my right leg.  I was under the care of a physio who had given me certain exercises to do.  I went back to the gym, handed David the list of exercises, and he devised the plan.  I was determined, and so was he, that I was going to walk again without the crutches and without limping.  I succeeded in both and I owe that to his persistence that I would and could do it.  I have heard only praises of him from some of his clients because to David you are an individual and he works out a plan that will help you to attain your goals.”

Carol Mathias, Hampstead