We combine functional fitness training, lifestyle coaching and nutrition expertise to help clients reach their goals quickly and effectively. Sessions are £60 with discounts for block bookings and package fees available on request.

Our Services


Injury Rehabilitation
Programmes are carefully planned – in collaboration with your medical professionals where required – to aid a quick, safe and effective recovery from injury whilst maintaining and improving your overall fitness level. 

Pre & Post Natal Fitness
Specialist training and nutritional guidance helps to prepare your body for conception, stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy, and return to your pre-pregnancy fitness quickly and safely following birth. 

Training for Seniors
A combination of aerobic exercise, strength training and sketching. Sessions are designed to improve your cardio fitness, flexibility, balance and muscle development to help you to stay fit, healthy and mobile whilst boosting your energy levels. 

Core Stability & Muscle Development
A strong core is fundamental in achieving any fitness goal. Improving athletic performance, correcting postural imbalance and preventing back injuries, effective core exercises build strength, power and endurance. 

Women’s Health & Fitness
Training and nutritional advice focussed on both physical and mental wellness.  Lose weight, tone up, get bikini fit or run a marathon – Mandana  gets you in peak physical condition whilst building your confidence and self esteem, whatever your goal.

Strength & Conditioning
Functional training addressing specific areas of weakness and postural imbalance. Combining strength and power development, speed and agility training, reduced recovery times and injury prevention for peak physical conditioning.

Nutritional Consultancy
Advice and diet planning to help you make positive behavioural changes to reach your personal goals. Our focus is on guidance and motivation to ensure you can enjoy food whilst achieving the correct nutritional balance for your body.

Sport Performance Coaching
Get fitter, faster, stronger.  Intensive fitness training, performance nutrition, endurance and recovery training, and sports psychology for the serious athlete.  Reach the peak of mental and physical condition for competitive sport.

Fat Loss & Weight Management
A combination of functional training and nutritional guidance to promote body fat reduction and muscle development for sustainable, long-term improvements in health, physical condition and energy levels


Our Packages


Ski Fitness

4 – 8 weekly sessions building muscular strength and stamina, and improving flexibility and balance to prevent fatigue, muscle soreness and more serious injury on the slopes. Ski better, longer, faster.

Bikini Body

A programme of functional training and nutritional consultancy to improve muscle tone, promote fat reduction, enhance your body shape and build your confidence.  Look - and feel - great on the beach.

Pre & Post Natal

Safe, specialist pre and post natal training and dietary advice to increase your chances of conceiving quickly, to promote lower risk pregnancy and labour, and ensure a faster recovery following the birth of your baby.

Marathon Preparation

A combination of cardio, strength, flexibility and endurance training, competition psychology, nutritional guidance and injury prevention to get you in peak physical and mental condition ahead of competitive running.

Wedding Package

Look and feel fantastic on one of the most special days of your life, not to mention the honeymoon! Train on your own, with your mum, prospective husband or your entire bridal party. Group sessions are both fun and motivating.